7 thoughts on “Driver Module PCBs

  1. Hi Thomas
    I was looking at your github, specificall the Touch Toggle library. In the readme you have

    “Instructions to install my Arduino libraries and sketches on Windows systems can be found at
    github.com/twrackers/MyDocuments/blob/master/Installation_to_Arduino.md ”

    But when I click that link, I get a 404 Not Found error. Can you give me the correct link please. I use touch toggles in the conventional way, but hope to combine them with a JMRI panel to control my turnouts, so the ability to control the leds will be a great help.

    Ron Ventura


    • Wow, as some would say, “Good eye, mate!”

      I had forgotten that the document you were looking for was deleted after I decided it was obsolete. I do have records of it in the history of my GitHub, so I can pull it up as it had existed. But I really need to retrieve it and update it to be current. I can do the first part tomorrow, I think, but the rest will take me a few days. I’ll let you know here what my progress is, so check back in a couple of days. Thanks for letting me know!



  2. Hi Ron,

    Wow, I haven’t dug into those codes in quite a while.
    The old TouchToggle library is now the TouchControls library, with added functionality for the newer TouchTrigger devices. It is missing an INSTALL.md document file though, so I do need to write that up. Not the only library I have that doesn’t have the install document either.


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