More on Throttles, new Block Switching page.

I’ve added some supporting graphics to the Throttles page, and have written up most of the Block Switching page.

Pretty soon I’ll start adding the pages which describe in more detail the design of each part of the project.  I’ll put links directly to them at the tops of the existing pages so readers who want to jump straight to the how-to pages can do so easily.

This past week I realized there’s another useful subproject which, although not needed by this project, will eventually become very useful.  That is a Track Speedometer, using a pair of the same sensors I’m using to detect the positions of the trains, but measuring the time between two sensors a known distance apart to calculate and display the train’s speed and direction, in real units (mm/sec) and scale units (km/hr).  More on that later.

First draft of Throttles page.

I’ve posted some background information on my planned Arduino-based train throttles.  I haven’t started working on that portion of the hardware yet, but I expect it will be straightforward enough.  First though, I need to solder into place the header strips that came with the two Motor Shields….

Created About me.

Moved most of my (way too long) original post to a separate About me page, and added a link to it on the right sidebar.

I’m also adding links to the separate sections of the project pages in the left sidebar.  You can see them by clicking on the down-arrow on the menu items.