Switch Machine Controller updated

I’ve added a pair of Fritzing drawings to the Switch Machine Controller page.  One is a breadboard drawing to give a rough idea of how I’ll be wiring up an Adafruit Pro Trinket 5V (Arduino-class processor) to a pair of L293D drivers, which together will drive up to 4 KATO single-coil switch machines.  I’ve also added a schematic of the design as well.  I’m in the process of adding a Software section to that page as well, which I plan to have in place this evening, time permitting.


One thought on “Switch Machine Controller updated

  1. Only way I could see to contact you but thanks for the kato Switch machine cade. As a 70 yr old former engineer with no c, etc programming, but lots of assybler stuff back when I appreciated the approach and concepts of the switch machine, circular buffer and other modules. I did not use the i2c approach as i use an arduino mega with open source DCC++ code ( driven by JMRI) on a ras pi. I can drive 10 or 11 switch machines directly. I modified the dcc++ code to use your lbraries with only a slight mod to the init module to not force a reset as dcc ++ saves the sate in eeprom… i also si ply bought 5 tb6612 surface mounted dev kits from adafruit for 4.95 since I have one crossover, simplifies my efforts standarizing. All works great… as an aside I built a speed controller on arduino to speed match locos but the code is sloppy. May try to convert using ur switch machine idea…someday… anywat thanks for publishing…


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