Hi, my name is Thomas Rackers, and I’m currently a member of the Japan Rail Modelers of Washington DC (, a group of model railroaders which specializes in models of Japanese trains, scenery, and the occasional Godzilla (ゴジラ, or we just call him Goji).

I’ve put this blog together to document the model railroad project I’ve begun, after decades of just thinking about building something and not really accomplishing anything tangible.  The focus here is the design, construction, and testing of an assortment of  features based upon currently available microcontrollers.  All information here should be considered open source and free for anyone to use and adapt to their purposes.  Most of the microcontroller code driving the various subprojects will be available for download from my GitHub repository, once I finish getting that set up.

For more information (maybe too much) about my background, motivation, and the overall concept I’m working with, you can click on the About me link to the right.

This is my first foray into the universe of blogs and such, so please bear with me as I work up the learning curve here.





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